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Monday –Ecole Bleue opens with lots of surprises!
For the first time we will have students in scenography. This new course promises to be exciting and full of surprises.
Of course, throughout the year you can follow us on our site and various social networks.

But another thing – our school has undergone a total refurbishment (freshly painted classrooms,  better lighting and new equipment). We also have a new computer room anda reference library (with specialised books and magazines but also many samples - from tiles to textiles to glass!).

The three sites that constitute our school have been renovated and furnished so that we can welcome our students in the best possible way.
Two new things to note: the new printing pole (for optimal quality of graphics) but also the large format 3D printer, laser cutter and the prototype workshop ...
We wish you all a great start to the new school year!

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The exhibition called “Now! Le Off” closed its doors on September 13 and many of you may not have had the chance or the time to visit this major event in Design.
Ecole Bleue presented at the event 13 design projects by our fifth year students who graduated in 2017.
Here is a small video so that you can discover, or see again, a few moments captured during the exhibition.

Discover, or rediscover,on our Pinterest account projects by Juliette Chalumeau, YohannHewak, Claire Melul, Damien Bohu, AnnouckBussière, Chloé Lopez, Capucine Gravis, Angely Barco, Maxime Jouet, Xiaoye Zhang, Clément Pré, Céline Pizzigoni et France Bertrand….



If you would like to apply for the Foundation course, in anticipation of the public and private schools admission competitions, for the first year or by equivalence, please complete this application form to be contacted by the school.

  • Now! le Off // Paris design Week

    Sélection de projets de diplôme en design produit.

    Du 9 au 13 septembre 2017
    Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design,
    34 quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris

  • Rencontres de l'Etudiant : Les formations et les métiers du luxe, de la mode et du design

    Samedi 11 novembre 2017
    NEW CAP Event Center
    3, quai de Grenelle – 75015 Paris
    Infos Site l'étudiant

  • Salon Le Start Télérama Le Monde

    Samedi 2 et dimanche 3 décembre 2017
    Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design,
    34 quai d’Austerlitz,
    Paris 13
    Stand 121
    Infos Site Le Start